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PowerPoint Presentation PPT Tips - Don't Move Your Pointer Unconciously During Presentation

A great tip for PowerPoint Presentation to avoid distraction to your audience and you yourself is that you should keep the mouse safely away to avoid moving the mouse. The mouse movement will  move the cursor across the screen and will become a big distraction to your audience. Similarly, in case you are using a laser pointer or a long pointer, its movement will be followed by the eyes of your audience.

Normally people have the habit of moving the pointer along the line as they read the text in the bullet on the screen. This is highly distracting and people will not be free to read and understand the clue given on the screen. It could become very irritating as well.

The laser pointer or what ever pointer you are using should be pointed at the beginning of the line and should stay there. In fact, you should just tell your audience that this is the bullet or the line we are discussing and switch the pointer off or take it away. If you are using the mouse pointer, then just take it off to the screen edge.

A better way to avoid using a pointer, is to dim all the previous bullets on the screenand keep the current bullet bright. And also do not show the next bullet which is again a cause of distraction. I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip helps you make better PowerPoint Presentations in future.

Free Download MatsClock 120028 - Live AM/PM Digital Clock Fully Designed in PowerPoint

MatsClock 120028 is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint Digital Clock which is designed in  PowerPoint Software. The entire graphics you see in this PowerPoint Slide is fully designed in PowerPoint only although it may appear to you that some other graphics software has been used. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120028 contains three separate digital clocks of three different colour. The first one is a 12 Hour digital clock which is red in colour as you see in the screen capture video above.

The other two are a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock, which are green and violet in colour respectively. Run the clock to see a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture of this majestic Digital Clock running on computer in full screen mode. You can use the green download PPT button above and use it free. You can even Share this MatsClock 120028 absolutely free to anyone without any modifications.

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