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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Turn Off Screen Saver During Presentations

Ever seen a Screen Saver come on during any presentation you have attended? It is so annoying to you and so embarassing to the person giving the presentation. Turning Off the Screen Saver During Presentations is one of the tips I was given in the old times. But this PowerPoint Presentation tip is still relevant, especially in a corporate environment.

Very often when you are giving a presentation, there may be occassions when you need more time to speak to your audience either because you are explaining a point in detail or maybe you are answering a question posed by someone from your audience during your PowerPoint Presentation. Just because the time taken is a little more, there may be no activity detected by your computer in terms of a mouse movement, a click or a key press. And if the screen saver time is set to be short, then the screen saver will come on the screen, spoiling the flow of your Presentation.

Sometimes the security policy of your company may say that all computers must go into Lock mode after a certain time of inactivity like 3 minutes like my company is doing presently. This is done so that someone leaving the computer on and going away will compromise security as anyone can take out sensitive and secret company data which may cause loss to the company due to casualness of an employee. If you are using such computers then the screen saver will pop up after the set time of 3 minutes or so embarassing your lack of preparedness for your presentation.

If the screen saver pops up then you have to move the cursor or hit a key. The next problem is remembering your computer password to unlock it. Often the Presentation is done on a different computer in an auditorium or large room and you are generally not aware of the password. I have seen a long wait when no one including the person giving the presentation is aware of the password. Then the computer maintainer is called in taking about 3 to 5 minutes who will get the screen back from the locked up mode.

By then the attention of the audience attending the presentation is lost and they are already discussing something else. So if you want a flawless presentation to go on, pleas go and check if the screen saver triggering time is adequately long say 10 minute or 15 minutes. If you do not know how to do it, then call your computer administrator and request to fix this problem by turning off screen saver till your Presentation is completed.

Do not leave any mishap however small it is to spoil your PowerPoint Presentation you have created spending quality time preparing and rehearsing. Let your PowerPresentation make You look professional.


MatsClock 120024 - Free Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Imagine displaying time to the audience in a unique way. This digital clock MatsClock 120024 is actually a PowerPoint PPSM file. A PPSM fileis nothing but a PowerPoint PPT file with Macro Enabled so as to run the digits change every second in the digital clock being displayed on the clock screen. Microsoft did not provide this facility to give live digital clock display in PowerPoint. Thus enabling Macro is the only way out.

You don't have to design anything. Just Download the file clicking on the Download PPT green button above. Once downloaded, just double click the file to open it. Once the PowerPoint file is opened just move you mouse cursor over the digits. There are hundreds of digital clocks you can download absolutely free to download from this website Al the matsclocks you find on this website are free to use and share freely, but of course without any modifications.

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