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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Optimising Presentation Time

Time is Life. There is not a single second to waste in life. So you need to plan your PowerPoint Presentation from scratch for your audience. You need to understand that if there are a hundred people attending your presentation as audience, every second you waste is equal to 100 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds.

If you waste one minute during your presentation not talking to the audience or not keeping your audience busy on a task you gave them, first of all they lose interest in the presentation as their attention gets broken and you waste a total of 101 minutes in all or 1 hour and 41 minutes including your own.

So there is a definite need for optimising time during your Presentation, irrespective of whether you are using PowerPoint or some other software to give your presentation in the interest of your audience.

There are many ways for optimising time so that your audience remain with you as long a time as you want. First of all you should have rehearsed your presentation with time if you want the slides to change based on time. That means a lot of work. But that also tells the audience that you are a master of the subject you are showing and telling them. The other is to advance slides manually as you want. If you are narrating an event or a story related to the subject, then do make it a fast job.

A story which it is dragging and not going fast means that the audience is thinking of another similar story that may have happened their life. So Optimising Time cannot be overlooked if you want to deliver a professional PowerPoint presentation.

Always ensure that you start your presentation without much introduction about your own self or your company. You can do that as you progress your presentation in bits and pieces by narrating some story or event related to the point you are mentioning at that moment. That is one way of making your audience remember you and your company better than if you were narrating all that before your PowerPoint presentation is even open, unless you really have a great story to narrate and you are good at it.

Your audience need to be kept busy right from the word go with your voice, diction and poise even if you are the first speaker of the day. If the audience had already been through one or two presentations before, then it becomes highly difficult to keep the audience attentive to what you have to present. Thus the advice is to cut the story short whenever you can and not to lose focus from the topic of your presentation towards optimising the available time at hand before your audience lose interest.

MatsClock 120019 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

MatsClock 240019 is a Orange colored full screen background 24 hour Live Digital Clock in PowerPoint, which shows time with a suffix of AM or PM next to the digits denoting time as appropriate. This MatsClock digital clock fills the screen from left to right and looks beautiful when running on a large screen in a presentation hall. It is designed in Microsoft PowerPoint in a PPSM format. This digital clock has been saved along with he font it uses so that the digital clock looks exactly as you see above in the picture which is a full screen screenshot of MatsClock 240019.

All the digital and analog clocks you see on are free to download and also to use or share online and offline. You will find hundreds of analog flash clocks and PowerPoint digital clocks on this website including a few analog clocks running beautifully right inside Excel sheets. The world of clocks are fascinating because they show time in a different perspective.

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