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MatsClock 120016 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This is a free digital clock designed in Microsoft PowerPoint software which runs in full screen when you download it into your computer and double click on it. This clock will make your presentation get a professional touch. Just run this Matsclock 120016 Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint before your actual presentation starts and exit the clock before you start your PowerPoint presentation to your audience.

To exit the digital clock, you just need to press escape button on your keyboard or just two mouse clicks anywhere on the computer screen. The digital clock will start running when you move your mouse cursor over the time displayed or the dashes displayed on the screen when the PowerPoint file opens. It is as simple as that.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Write Short Sentences as Bullets

Always use short sentences without grammar as your content bullets. This presentation tip is very important. Often people giving presentations, show a paragraph full of text written in small fonts. First of all it probably cannot be read by the audience who are attending your presentation especially those who are sitting at the back.

Secondly, even those who are in the front row would not be able to concentrate on what you are saying because they are busy trying to read the paragraph you have put on the PowerPoint presentation you are running. They may fail to listen to what you are saying as they are preoccupied reading the on screen text.

Do not put more than three to five words in one bullet or line in your screen. Your audience has come to listen to you during your presentation and not just to read or understand what you have written on the presentation screen. The bullet or lines should give just a tip of what you are going to speak about.

The best thing you could do for your presentation would be to put minimum text on the screen, so that people listen to you more and look at you more than what is there on the screen. The bullet on the screen without any grammar will make your audience wanting to listen to your presentation on that topic. That way you could convey much more to your audience than the audience trying to read what is on the screen. I hope that PowerPoint tips helps you.

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