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MatsClock 120009 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The downloaded zip file contains a set of three Free Live Digital Clocks for PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. (A 12 hour digital clock, a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock). All these clocks run on latest PowerPoint version.

PowerPoint Tips - Check Spelling Errors in Your Presentation Slides

One of the most important PowerPoint Tips I ever got was to check my spelling errors on each slide carefully. I did check. But yet people told me that there were at least 3 spelling errors in my presentation with just ten slides. That hurt me. Since then, I check spelling errors in my slides many times and even tell my colleagues to check the spellings in each of my slide. "Once bitten, twice shy", goes the old saying.

PowerPoint software gives a good spell check option in Tools. Many people do not use it. Unlike Microsoft Word, the PowerPoint does not do spelling corrections. Many a times people make the presentations in Upper Case or Capital letters which PowerPoint will not check spelling errors.

A one great tip would be to make your presentation in all lower case alphabets and then check spelling errors. Once you are satisfied that there are no spelling errors on any slide, select the text on the slide and press the "Ctrl" and Function "F3" buttons once or twice to change the entire sentences to all capitals, all small or into sentence case. It is as simple as that. A professional PowerPoint Presentation should never have a single spelling error.

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