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MatsClock 120004 - Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The downloaded zip file contains a set of three Free Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. (A 12 hour digital clock, a 24 hour digital clock and an AM/PM digital clock). All these clocks run on latest PowerPoint version.

Presentation Tips - Using Bullets on PowerPoint Slides

A PowerPoint Tip on bullet is something which almost everyone knows. PowerPoint allows using bullets to indicate each point without the need to numbering each sentence. Nothing stops you from using numbers or alphabets in the beginning of each sentence if there are limited number of options for that topic on your presentation slide.

But using a bullet will help you keep counting and seeing if you made an error in numbering the sentences. A bullet helps your audience in knowing that the sentence is an entity in itself. The audience will focus on what is there in the sentence rather than get distracted with the number written before the sentence.

PowerPoint even lets you select a custom bullet in case you want to show a different bullet than what is already available in the PowerPoint software. Your PowerPoint Presentation could standout if you can substitue the standard bullets with a small icon or a picture or a different picture instead of the standard PowerPoint bullets at the beginning on each sentence. I am sure many people would find this PowerPoint tip to be useful.

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