Watch Gears - Live Time (MatsClock 120133)

Watch Gears Live Time PPT (Download for Free)   Doing a Presentation today? Display time with this beautiful Wall Clock with Watch Gears as well as the Hour, Minute and Seconds Needles to your audience. Earn Respect instantly from your audience with MatsClock 120133.

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This is a Royalty Free PowerPoint Slide with a beautiful analog clock with Hour, Minute and Seconds needle inspired by the gears in a real wrist watch and birds. You may notice some bird's heads in the clock face with the clock jewels representing the bird's eye. Designing this analog wrist watch timer has taken me hours working continuously in PowerPoint especially to time  the gears to intermesh with each other when they are rotating so that it gives a look and feel of real watch gears motion in a wrist watch.

This analog clock with working gears shows the local time running in your Computer or Laptop in digital format as well as with hour, minute and second needles in a PowerPoint Slide. It is not just a PowerPoint animation. MatsClock 120133 displays Live Time in a wall clock on full screen. Please feel free to use this MatsClock 120133 Watch Gear PPT Slide in your presentations. It is Royalty-Free to use without any modifications to the clock timer, including your business presentations. You may also share this PowerPoint Presentation without any kind modification or alterations. My designs are colourful because I believe that life is full of colors. What is life without some colors in it.

How to Start MatsClock 120133 WallClock Watch Gear?

Open the MatsClock 120133 Watch Gear PPT file you downloaded and double click on it. PowerPoint asks you to Enable Content when opening this PPT File because the Clock needles and the digital time run using some Macro. Please Enable Content to be able to get the clock needles working and showing correct time.

If you want to enable Macro in PowerPoint manually, Click the File tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top and Click on the following in sequence.

File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Enable all macros

Now when you open the file, the Watch Gears will start rotating, the digital clock will start showing correct time and the wall clock needles will also align with the current time and start updating time gracefully.

After opening this MatsClock 120133 (Free Download) file, press the function button F5 on your keyboard to go into the Presentation mode. Your Presentation Audience will admire this Live Wall Clock Timer with needles and a pendulum.

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