Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC + 01:30 Hours

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GMT+1:30 (MatsClock 1303)

 MatsClock 1303 displays time of GMT+1:30 hours. This is a time offset of one hour and thirty minutes added to the GMT or greenwich mean time. This matsclock is designed to calculate the gmt and then add 1:30 hours to it and displayS it on its clock dial to you.It continues to show this time even if you travel from one corner of the earth to another provided you set the local time correctly in your computer, phone, laptop etc where you are running this matsclock.



Country Standard Time GMT+1:30 Hrs

GMT+1:30 is not used as the country standard time by any country in the world. Somehow most governments in the countries world over finds it more convenient to keep a whole hour instead of half an hour offset from the GMT. Probably this is one of the reason why no country as on date is using GMT+1:30 as their country standard time.