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Happy New Year - Excel Clock

This is a Fully working Happy New Year Clock designed in Microsoft Excel given as a Free Gift from . The clock is being released for the happy new year day. This matsclock was entirely made using MS Excel using only a few Pi Charts which are beng calculated once every second to move the needles which are actually Pi Charts in Excel. The Clock easily will keep running as long as you want and can be stopped and restarted so that your system resources are not used up when you do not want. I have put a green Start Button on the right side of this excel clock and pressing the same button once again will stop the clock too. The Clock runs by using excel and a few lines of codes in VBA to execute the function which makes the MS Excel to keep calculating the time continusouly and keep the clock needles ticking each second. Enjoy this free MatsClock. For those who love Microsoft Excel, this Excel MatsClock or Analog Needle Clock will be the new year clock. Download the Excel Clock by clicking this link. Then select the Save file option or click on Open with MS Excel option to view. You may have to Enable Content to get the clock running in Microsoft Excel as there are a few line of Macro written to make the MS Excel to recalculate the Pi Charts running as needles in the Excel Clock.


Excel Clock Customising

This Matsclock Analog Clock running in Microsoft Excel can be customised. This file is read only. But you can make any adjustments to the graphics and save the file with a different name to suite your requirements. The Happy New Year and MatsClock written on the clock face are just word art which you can easily customise. Please enjoy this New Year Free Gift from

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