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MatsClock 120120 - Live Time and Date Free Digital Clock in a PowerPoint Night Sky PPT Slide for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120120 PPT  MatsClock 120120 is a set of 5 Free Digital Clocks that displays Live Time and Date in a Night Sky with moving stars and moon on PowerPoint PPT Slides. You could show the time passing in a uniquely beautiful way during your Presentation to your audience and Earn Respect instantly with these MatsClock Royalty-Free Digital Clocks.

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MatsClock 120120 is designed purely in powerpoint only without using any other graphic or 3D software. The entire night sky was created with about 300+ small circles with different time durations during their movement down to the horizon and then made to dissappear repeatedly. Both the timing as well as the distance travelled by each star is different. During their travel they also reduce in size to 5% of their original sizes by the time they reach the horizon and dissappear after flashing a few times. I hope you loved my creativity. Please share and subscribe to our YouTube_Channel_Digital_Clock where I release these clocks before they are put up on this official MatsClock website. All our Clock designs are avaiable on this website and are given away absolutely free to be used by people who give presentations. There is an unlimited Free collection Live Time and Date digital clocks embedded in PowerPoint files file format and also hundreds of analog clocks with minutes, hours and seconds needles in swf flash file format available for Free Download.

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