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MatsClock 120118 - Live Time and Date Digital Clock Visual Illusion PowerPoint PPT Slide for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120118 PPT  MatsClock 120118 is a set of 5 Digital Clocks embedded into 5 different Visual Illusion PowerPoint Slides. Each slide allows you to show Live Time and Date on full screen during your Presentations with a visual illusion to your audience. This Matsclock 120118 zip file free download contains all these 5 PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT files which will let you show each of these digital clock to your audience and earn you respect well before your Presentation has even started.

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MatsClock 120118 gives a visual illusion effect as if the white light spots are actually moving. Actually, there are four set of white lights which are arranged into four circles. These circles are grouped together and made to rotate fast at a certain rate to give a visual illusion effect as if the lights are individually moving. All our Clock designs are avaiable on this website and are given away absolutely free to be used by people who give presentations. There is an unlimited collection of free digital clocks in PowerPoint file format and swf flash file format.

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