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MatsClock 120068 - Free Digital Clock Embedded into PowerPoint Slides

Free_Download MatsClock_120068  Free download MatsClock 120067 zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all. The entire animation was designed from scrap purely in PowerPoint. Believe it or not. The MatsClock 120067 zip file contains MatsClock 120067, MatsClock 120067a, MatsClock 240067, MatsClock 260067 and MatsClock 280067 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120066 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120067 Digital Clock displays time and Date in different fashion. One shows date and time in the sky, another shows date and time in the sea as if it is running on the surface of the sea etc.

PowerPoint Tips - Use "Format Painter" Tool to Save Time

This is a very useful PowerPoint Editing Tip. Not many people are aware of Format Painter in all the Microsoft Office applications including PowerPoint. And using Format Painter saves me a lot of time. But I have not seen many people using format painter which is a very handy tool.

Suppose you have made a circle or used a font. Now you want to fill it with some pattern, give it a 3D appearance, a gradient fill, some glow, a shadow, a certain outline colour etc.

Once you have done that you want to do the exactly same to another text or shape. Now you will have remember all the setting you had applied to the earlier object or text and start doing everything one by one to this object or text then it will take almost the same it took you to do the first one. Now if you want to do it to many other objects or texts, then you will need so much time to be wasted doing the repeated job.

Instead of wasting time repeating the same steps with each item, why not use the Format Painter tool. It is so easy. You need to just click the item you want to apply the same formatting  and it is applied instantly. Suppose there are 20 objects you want to apply the same formating then you need to click each item just once or in just 20 mouse clicks, each of the 20 items get the same formatting.

The "Format Painter" tool is located in the "Home" tab in the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top.

To apply a certain formating of one object to another object or objects you need to first "click the object" whose formatting you want to use on all other objects.

The moment you click on the object it gets selected. Now go to the Home Tab in the Ribbon Menu on top and look for "Format Painter" just under it and click once on it.

The moment you click on the Format Painter tool, the mouse cursor will show a Paint Brush next to it indicating that the Format Painter has been selected and it is ready to apply it on any object.

Now go to the object in the same slide or any other slide you want and then click on the object on which you want to apply the formatting. That is all. That new object will have the same formatting as you had on the object which you had selected first. The Paint Brush next to the mouse cursor will also vanish.

But if there are many objects on which you want to apply the same formatting, then select the item whose formatting you want to copy and instead of Clicking the Format Painter button once, Double Click the format painter button.

Now go to the items you want to paste that Formatting. The format painter brush icon will stay with your mouse cursor even after you have clicked the first item, second item, and you can apply the formatting to any number of items you want.

When you have finished with the Format Painter and there is not more requirement, then just click on the escape button and your format painter icon next to the mouse cursor vanishes.

I hope this Powerfull PowerPoint tip on Format Painter helps you save tons of time for you next time you edit your PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

And I also hope you liked this Digital Wall Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120068  which is a beautiful Digital Clock displaying actual time on full screen during your presentations. Click the Next Clock button  below to see hundreds of digital clocks and analog clocks which are absolutely free to download. All that we requestt in return istoo kindly Share a link to this websitee to as many people you can as a favour for the effort we take to provide you with innovatively designed digital clocks for Free. You can use these Digital Clock PowerPoint Slides even in your Business Presentations absolutely Royalty-Free.

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