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MatsClock 120065 - Digital Clock in PowerPoint for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120065  Free download MatsClock 120065 zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Digital Clocks designed purely in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all. Even the colour changing car is designed in PowerPoint. The MatsClock 120065 zip file contains MatsClock 120065, MatsClock 120065a, MatsClock 240065, MatsClock 260065 and MatsClock 280065 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120065 zip file.

PowerPoint Slow ? - Tips to Speedup Your PC and Your PowerPoint Presentation

Is your PowerPoint Presentation running slow or it takes too long to startup after you click on the PowerPoint file?

One of the reasons why the PowerPoint is Slow is because your hard disk is almost full. Try to Defrag your hard disk. First open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows Key with E key on the keyboard. Then right click the C:/ drive or which ever is the drive your Windows Operating System is located in.  Select "Properties" from the right click menu and then click on "Disk Cleanup" Tab in the bottom of the dialog box.

Put a Check mark on all the items you want to remove under the Files to Remove list you see. Then Click OK. You will see another dialog asking if you want to delete these files permanently. Say Yes. All these files will be brought back by the Windows when required. They were as such temporary files. Your PowerPoint should now become at least 20% faster than before as the Windows does not have to load these temporary files and more memory will be available.

Now Press Windows Key with R key on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box, type the word temp and press enter. This will open Windows Explorer with the contents of the Temp folder listed. Just select all and press Shift Key with Del key on the keyboard. All these are temporary files which Windows operating system will create again if required later. This should speed up your PowerPoint another 10% or more. If any file cannot be deleted, just ignore it.

Now Press Windows Key plus the R key again on your keyboard. In the Run dialog box which opens type the word %temp% and press enter. This opens the Windows Explorer with all the contents of that temporary folder. Select all the files listed and press Shift key plus the Del key. Any file which cannot be deleted can be ignored. Those files may be in use because the programs using them are open and cannot be deleted. These files are mostly the Firewall, Antivirus, etc which are always running. Once this step is done it might speedup your PowerPoint at least 50% compared to the earlier speed before these steps were done.

Incidentally, these three steps actually has increased your entire computer speed and has optimised your PC as a whole. Restart your computer to feel the power of your computer. In fact, you will a faster Computer startup and when you open PowerPoint you can also see that PowerPoint loads much faster than before. I hope you like this PowerPoint tip to speedup your computer as a whole.

I hope you also liked my Digital Wall Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120065  which is a beautiful Digital Clock animation displaying time in full screen. Click the Next Clock button  below to see hundreds of digital clocks and analog clocks which are absolutely free to download.

You can use and Share any MatsClock Digital and Analog Clocks available at We have been providing Free Digital Clock and Analog Clocks in PowerPoint PPT and Flash SWF format for over a decade now. Imagine everything being created spending hundreds and thousands of hours of work and given away free.

All that we request you is to Please Share a link to this website in ruturn. We hope you will help us spread the website content to the world. It is all given absolutely FREE.

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