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PowerPoint Presentation PPT Tip - Why Should Your Audience Listen to You?

Before you start making your PowerPoint Presentation think over this great PowerPoint Presentation Tip. Why should your audience listen to you? Do you have a good reason for your audience to listen to you? If there is none that you can think of, then create a reason yourself.

Ask youself, what is it that I am going to tell my audience during my presentation. Then find a reason why they should listen to you. Something like for example you are talking about a new building design or an innovation you have done in the field of construction. What is it that made you bring about that new design or create that innovation. What did you find was missing that prompted you to do this innovation.

Start by saying maybe, "Innovation is life. Unless people innovate, the modern world would not have reached where it is today." Then get a central character to talk about. Make your talk look like a story to begin with. Then slowly bring in the topic as an off shoot of the story.

People would have already been hooked hearing you and they will now be eagerly awaiting to know what you have to offer them in the field where you found something was missing and have done an innovation. Do not play around at this time. Just introduce what you came to tell them. Then elaborate the benefits and drawbacks. Just see that the benefits overweigh the drawbacks of your idea. Your audience will be listening to you now and will want more.

If you have nothing to start a story, start with a MatsClock Digital Clock you can choose from this website absolutely free. These digital clocks are designed to make the audience get impressed before you start your presentation by displaying time in full screen in a clean fashion.



Free Download MatsClock 120044 - Live 12 Hour AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock Timer PPT with Date

MatsClock 120044 is 3D Digital Clock Timer that displays the time in a full screen, Live. The timer is designed in PowerPoint Slide using a 3D building which you can download from Microsoft for Free. I just positioned it artistically and positioned the live time there for you to mesmerise your audience with this digital clock and earn the respect of your audience even before you start you presentations.

In case you are going to give a presentation on some building design, snow, cold place, time, winter, construction, civil engineering etc, then this is the ideal digital clock to show off your PowerPoint skills by just displaying this digital clock especially the MatsClock 120044a which is an AM/PM digital clock inserted into a PowerPoint Slide. Double click it after downloading the file and it runs on full screen without going into the edit mode.

You may share the video and the MatsClock 120044 PPT file freely.


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