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Presentation Tips - Package PowerPoint Presentation to CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

Did you know that you could Package your all your PowerPoint Presentation on a CD/DVD or a USB Flash Drive? It is very simple to do. Just click on the File, Export, and then click on Package Presentation for CD and then select Package for CD. Type in a name for your CD in the Nace the CD box.

This PowerPoint Presentation Tip is lesser known to many. You could add more PowerPoint Presentations to this list by selecting Add and the selecting the PowerPoint files you want to add. You can add any number of PPT files. All the PowerPoint Presentation PPTs will play in the same order you have added into the CD.

The option also exist to inspect the presentations for inappropriate hidden private informations you do not want to be stored on the CD/DVD. You could also select the Fonts and videos as well as other hidden and linked files in case you want them to be written on to the CD/DVD.

Once you are done, click OK to close the Options dialog box and the Presentations will be made into a package.

Now click on Copy to CD and package is burned on to your CD/DVD. Ensure you have a blank CD in the CD drive.

You could use the same procedure to package all your PowerPoint Presentation PPTs on a USB flash drive also. It is far better than putting just dragging the folder with your mouse on to a USB Flash Drive as you would normally do.

Once the writing part is over, you will get a window showing that the Package to USB or CD/DVD is completed. Lets hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tips helps you.


Free Download MatsClock 120033 PPT - 12 Hour PowerPoint Live Dinasaur Digital Clock

MatsClock 120033 is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint Digital Clock. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120033 PPT contains three separate dinasaur digital clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. The first digital wall clock runs like a 12 Hour digital clock which what you see in the screen capture video above with two dinasaur in the scene.

The digital clock is running in a class room white board. But the clock says a story by itself with a Dinasaur trying to eat a goat. But the dinasaur is being attacked by a large bird of the dinasaur era. The bird is trying to save the goat from being eated up by the dinasaur. The Chimpanzee is also trying to save the goat from the dinasaur. But the Chimpanzee is not forceful as it is also scared of the dinasaur. The digital clock is designed for online class rooms for children to keep them attentive and interested. The zip file download has three digital clocks with three different dinasaurs.

Click on the Run Clock button to see the clock video which is a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture of this majestic Digital Clock running on computer in fullscreen. You can use the green Download PPT button above to download and use this Dinasaur PowerPoint PPT free during your Presentations. You can even Share this MatsClock 120033 PowerPoint file absolutely free to anyone without any modifications.

The dinasaur, the goat, the bird and the chimpanzee used to design this Presentation slide are all inserted from the 3D option available in the Latest PowerPoint Software.

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