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Digital Clock 120004A

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Free AM/PM Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentation PPT - MatsClock 120004A

You can Free Download MatsClock 240004 by clicking the link above or the picture of the digital clock on top of this page. It is a free digital clock designed in Microsoft PowerPoint Software. If you don't have PowerPoint installed in your computer then go to  Microsoft 365. This digital clock runs full screen and displays time in AM/PM 12 hour format. That means you see AM or PM after the time digits on screen. This clock is very useful to remove ambiguity of time being before noon or afternoon as the AM and PM will let the user to know what time is it exactly.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Tip - Design Presentation for Type of Your Audience

A presentation cannot be designed in the same way for every type of audience. If you have professionals in the field of your topic as your audience, then your presentations should be designed in such a way that they gain knowledge beyond what they already know. But if your audience are commoners or school kids, you will have to design your presentation to be on basics of the topic initially and then slowly go into advanced part of your presentation to ensure that your audience is with you irrespective of what type of audience is attending your presentation. As usual start your presentation with display of a digital clock and once you end, you could once again run the digital clock to ensure that people know how much time is left.


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