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The digital clock image you see here is real Digital Clock inserted into a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide with a 3D Building also inserted along with the digital clock and shows real time on full screen. It is loaded with amazing features previously unimaginable. The mindboggling features in the new version of PowerPoint will make your Presentations highly Professional and engaging which can win to your audience appreciation and respect instantly. Remember, well begun is half done and first impression is the last impression.

Microsoft PowerPoint - New Features

PowerPoint is far too powerful than what most people can imagine A few of the new features of the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint are given below: -

PowerPoint Supports 3D Objects.
Although, most people will tell you that it is not possible to run a digital clock in a PowerPoint Slide in Presentation mode. But this PowerPoint Slide I created has a digital clock and even a 3D building embedded in to the Slide. That 3D Building is a free download from Microsoft PowerPoint Website. You can embed any 3D Objects like buildings, animals, equipment etc into your slides by just clicking the Insert 3D Object feature in the Latest Version of PowerPoint Software. There hundreds of free 3D objects available for download online right inside PowerPoint to choose from. Make your Presentation look Professional with 3D objects which can even be animated if you want.
PowerPoint Mobile App
The Microsoft PowerPoint App lets you create high impact Presentations easily and quickly using just your smart phone, exactly as you would have done using your desktop computers or laptop. You could even use your smart phone to connect to large projectors with wired or wireless connections or even give presentations remotely online using internet. This is especially useful if you are a teacher conducting training classes online.
PowerPoint Designer and Ideas
The new PowerPoint version comes with a designer and ideas which lets you concentrate on your work without bothering to use your brain on thinking how to present your ideas. Innovative ideas and templates lets you choose the best slide designs for your presentation to convey your ideas clearly and precisely to your audience. It cannot be easier than this and it is so quick to do.
Voice Typing and Hand Written Notes
In Powerpoint, you do not have to type anything. PowerPoint has the ability to read your hand written notes or you can easily dictate your text by just saying it and voice typing will do the rest. You could be producing a hundred PowerPoint slides in a few minutes.
PowerPoint Artificial Intelligence
The latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint Software is driven by Artificial Intelligence. Now the PowerPoint has been made intelligent to suggest you many improvements as you create your Presentation slides. You could even be practicing your Presentations with Presentation Coach which will suggest the pace of your speech, suggest you better words to use as you speak using the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence of PowerPoint Software.
Collaborative Presentation Editing
You could edit your presentation with others online. The new feature lets you track what others have edited when you went away from your computer or phone for a while. Thus, you know exactly what others have edited in your Presentation during your absence. 

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